Sunday, December 17, 2006

She's mine

Well, as of today I am the proud mother of Gothica. Gothica is a cute orphan that is as evil as she is cute. She carries around her plush named Stitches. You can adopt your own Precious Miseries orphan here

Name: Gothica
Month of Birth: February
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Pastime: Mischieviously scheming and playing with her StiTcheS plushie.
Weakness For: StiTcheS merchandise
Family Relations: Older sister
Close Friends: Kojin and Obake
Information: Gothica is the 'leader' of the younger pranksters and second to enter the manor. She uses her evil cuteness to her advantage and always carries her StiTcheS plushie. Gothica also has an older sister, but refuses to give her any attention and prefers to keep it her little secret.

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