Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm not the kind of girl that lives con compliments. In fact, when I recieve one I usually think that person is going to ask for something.

Today was a good day, complimentwise. In the morning, Carlos saw me and say "Hey skinny". I've dropped around 25 pounds, but I guess he hadn't paid much attention to it. It was a good way to start the morning.

A bit before noon, I was talking to Mike. We were talking about the love of my life and stuff and h esuddenly scanned me and simply said "You look good". It's flattering when a gay man awknowledges the effort and sacrifice.

In the late afternoon, I was at my constant flirting with a friend and when I asked if I looked good, he said yes. With my ego very well fed, I went to eat some strawberries with whipped cream and a chicken salad with fries.

We were going to the movies, it was rated R. So Brenda bought her ticket first, and I requested mine afterwards. When I was about to pay up, the cashier asks me "How old are you?". Well, I asnwered honestly, "I'm 26". She looked suprised and appologized, she thought I was younger.

THAT was the absolutely best compliment of the day.

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