Thursday, May 11, 2006


One of my biggest passions is photography. Since I was a kid, I always looked to a chance to take pictures with my mom's camera. When I was in jr high, mom bought me a simple 35mm camera. I took pictures of practically anything.

I chose my advertising mayor mainly because it involved 2 years of photography. Basic, advanced, product, creative photography. My father bought me the Canon Rebel 2000 when it hit shelves. I was totally happy.

Two years later that same camera was stolen. My dad had a huge guilt trip. I had given him the camera case to take home. I was going to Italian class and was coming back home on a bus. It got stolen from the car. A couple of months later I got the Canon Rebel TI.

This is the camera I use when ever I can. Last August, I decided it was time to go back to the dark room. I decided to take up photography again. Last semester was basic black and white photography. It was more theory than practice. Since I was a bit rusty, I didn't mind. In December, during the graduation/exhibit, I was the advanced lesson pictures. I loved them. In late January, I went back for advanced photography. It involves move experimenting in the dark room during the developing process.

I remember that the first lesson, the teacher said she wanted a project for the end. I visioned an Endless gallery, with all 7 sigils. Unfortunately Destiny and Desire will not be included, but I have the 5 others.

This Saturday my semester comes to an end. It's kinda sad. I like being there. I might take up digital photography next semester, since my mom dissed my digital skills. If anyone wants to drop by, it will be at the Visual Arts Faculty.

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Alexander Strauffon said...

Violetta! te quiero mucho, condenada, aunque seas diva. Jaja.

Si, tambien sabes de fotografia. Un estuche de monerias, tu.