Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Like a Baby Beluga

Yes, it's that time of month again. Ever since I got my period, I've had a horrible PMS. My emotions go haywire, my body changes and makes me gain 4 unwanted and unexpected pounds.

I think the best comparison I've made is that I feel like a baby Beluga whale during my period. Why the emphasis on the baby Beluga? Baby Beluga whales are grey, not white. Even though Im going through physical hell, I can't lose my style.

I'd loved the fact that there is one guy that recognizes my monthly changes. That's my brother Ian. He can detect the slightest emotional change. Even when I'm all emotional and moody, he'll just say . . . you're emotional, you're pmsing. Ten years of knowing me have paid off.

Yesterday I was feeling kinda chilly. I'm one of the few that love cold environments. I whined to him telling him I was cold. All he answered was "shut up, beluga thingie". Possible translation = "your PMS annoys me"

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Alexander Strauffon said...

Jaja. Con madre. De hecho recuerdo que lo habias mencionado tambien en el otro blog.