Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ron & Hermione

I have openly declared myself a major Potter freak. Sometimes I can relate to the tragedies of "The boy who lived". There are other times when I can fully relate to Hermione Granger. Now, I'm talking about the book version, I'm not even half as beautiful as Emma Watson.

I have naturally bushy hair. I could be considered an unsufferable little know it all. I have very few female friends. My two best friends are guys. These people can be considered outside of my little family that I mentioned in my previous post.

I have my Harry Potter and my Ron Weasley. My Ron and I have had a very interesting relationship. Every time I read the books, I secretly tell myself "There is hope."

This is a nice comparison I found and I support it with facts.

Book version
Both are very stubborn at times. Faithful friends to Harry Potter, both are fiercely loyal to their friends and would do everything to protect each other. Even became prefects in their fifth year at Hogwarts.

Real life
We are TOTALLY stubborn, specially when what we want is at stake. We are loyal to our Harry, and we would die for our friends. Even though we are not prefects, we are part of the leadership program.

Opposites Attract:
Book version
Ron: An underachiever, who actually is pretty smart, if only he applies himself in what he does. Loves Quidditch (fave team: Chudley Cannons). An impulsive person who does not hide how he feels

Real life
He hasn't completed his formal education, but is a real genious, only when he wants to or if its something that he strongly believes in. Adores music and plays in a band. Impulsive and explosive, his face reflects his emotions and his eyes show what he feels.

Book version
Hermione: An overachiever, who is the cleverest witch in her class. Dislikes Quidditch and does not like flying. A very logical person who covers up her feelings by facts.

Real life
Multitalented and multitasked, active participant in many corporate projects at the same time. Not a big fan of live gigs and dispise drinking. Try to find a source for all actions.

Relationship stages
Stage 1: Development of a friendship
A few weeks after we met we kicked off

Stage 2: Ron accepts the importance of Hermione's friendship
He has mentioned admiration and respect towards me to fellow coworkers

Stage 3: Hermione accepts the importance of Ron's friendship
I have openly supported him in his projects

Stage 4: Development of romantic feelings between them
There is something, just don't know how to define it.

Stage 5: Ron accepts his romantic feelings for Hermione
not there yet

Stage 6: Hermione accepts her romantic feelings for Ron
I admited my feelings to my friends a couple of months ago

Stage 7: Development of a romantic relationship
not there yet.

It's taken Ron and Hermione 6 years to admit their feelings. I just hope we don't take that long.

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