Sunday, May 14, 2006


According to market research, Mother's day is one of the most popular holidays. Christmas and Valentines day being the first two. My mother is very fortunate, she gets "celebrated" 5 times a year. Her birthday, the day of the Guadalupe, Christmas and both Mother's days. Perhaps the last two are because we were raised in San Antonio, but she refused to let go of the native culture and customs.

I'm 26 years old, and I feel very fortunate that aside from my biological mother,whom I love and adore, I also have two foster mothers. I guess it's because I constantly look for support and approval that I can discover a maternal figue in someone.

My mother comes from a family of strong women, devoted and hard working. Challenge is an everyday word, not an obstacle. Strong beliefs and ethics have forged my family. Temptation can't currupt them, not even peer pressure. I thank my mother for these values.

My first foster mother is Lex's mother. Known as Mama China to all of us, she is the one I run to when I have emotional problems , not that I can't go to my mother about them, but mom isn't a romantic soul. She takes the practical side. Mama China has supported all of my crazy ideas, scolded me when needed an most of all accepted me into her family.

My other foster mother is my boss actually, Iliana Alvarado. She shares very similar values to my mother. They are also around the same age range. Strong beliefs, strong character, a smart and talented business woman. My role model and mentor.

I thank God for placing them in my path. I thank life for allowing me to be born in a family of strong women. A small tribute to all three of you. You have my eternal love and respect.

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