Monday, May 01, 2006

Kid's day and self-presents

I remember when I was a kid I waited anxoiusly for Kid's day(celebrated on April 30th). It was my golden opportunity to get that toy I didn't get for Christmas nor my birthday. My parents, grandmother, godparents and other relatives spoiled me crazy.

As I got older, the toys became money. Suddenly I was too old to be celebrating Kid's day. So I decided to celebrate on my own. I usually buy a plush that I like for myself on the very day. My vast Eeyore collection was born that way.

This year, I pampered myself earlier. On my last trip to McAllen, I found this adorable Stitch at the Disney store. I simply couldn't resist leaving him there. So he came home with me that day. Stitch now has a new home and I had my present earlier. Life is grand!

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