Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I seldom talk about them anymore. At least I try to avoid it. For some reason or another, there are 3 men in my life that I simply can't forget that easily. I learned from them, I suffered for and with them. My life has never been the same since I encountered them.

My first boyfriend was older than I was. Aspiring musician. Handsome, smart but had a medical condition. A complicated relationship. Our last fight was about me not wanting to get married. I was 15, he had just turned 20. He had a motorcycle accident after that fight. I learned to be strong, to not let my personal suffering get in the way of my professional life.

My high school boyfriend was a complete sweetheart. Understanding, pleasing every tantrum I had. He was more than my boyfriend, he was my best friend. We parted ways when our schedules got complicated. He's the only one I've tried hard to remain close to. I know we hurt each other terribly, but if he asked for anything I would help him if I could.

My last boyfriend. A free spirit. Taught me the power of dreams and believing they can come true. Unfortunately I didn't share his dream, and slowly the relationship began to decay.

Three men I've loved deeply, whom at once I called the love of my life. The rest, they simply have been characters in the novel of my life.

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