Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy unbirthday to me

Today is my unhappy birthday. That's right! Today is Hermione Jane Granger's birthday. Since my darling angel calls me Hermione (could it be because I act like an insufferable little know it all?) As any birthday girl, I got presents and I'm gonna celebrate.

It's the first time I celebrate my unbirthday. I bought my violet colored contact lenses (the last pair went down the drain when I sneezed last Friday). I got the best present of my life. The sapphire my mom bought right after I was born was finally handed to me. I took it to the jewelry store to get it sized for me.

I had to go hug Armando, he need to pay up for being the only one that was able to make me cry.

Happy 26th unbirthday to me.

Freaking Potter didn't even remember.
I hope he hasn't gotten himself killed.

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