Saturday, September 16, 2006

Its over

Today was my last day at HTC. I decided to leave the company with style. Fortunately we were having jeans day and I could dress up. It was a very strange day. It was extremely cloudy. Perhaps the consecuence of an intense rain from the previous night.

I got there and checked if I had packed everything. It was going to be a long day and I was determined to enjoy every second of it.

I had breakfast with Paola. We were laughing about nonsense when I realized me former department staff members weren't talking to me since I made my choice. It's odd. I guess that's the HTC way.

I spent a couple of minutes back at my place, checking if I had everything in order and delegated. I honestly don't want to be bothered by HTC after I leave. I applied ly last survey and taught the new girl how to make the reports.

It's an odd feeling, carrying on with my daily tasks and knowing it would be the last time I would do them. I went with Jessica to the market to buy somethings and went to Torre. Jessica said I had 10 minutes. I ran to URS to say bye to Laquisha, Leon and Adriana. I flee upstairs to AOL to find Armando, Eddie and Fer. Moved along to RMS to tell Carmen and Clara. On my way downstairs I found Fabian Alvarez.

I went back to Cuervo and had lunch. I went with my MRM kids. Four of my Comcast Kids had interviews for supervisor. I was there to cheer them on. I got upset because I had my day planned and Mariana was trying to get me to sit down and explain the TM educatonal process to her. She had her chance and she blew it.

I went back to Torre, to say my last goodbyes. I finally found Laura. Armando simply said "I don't want you to go". He was the one that made me break down into tears. I hugged Carmen and Laura in a group hug. That's when Victor came over. Clara and I were kidding around. Once I walked out of Torre I found Adriana and also said bye.

I walked to Cuervo. Erika left a post it saying goodbye. JB, Genaro, and Nayeli were by my desk. Horacio apeared by my desk to say bye. My voice creaked when I told him he was my dad, my boss and my mentor. Juve also came along and so did Fabiola. I cried with JB. He's my sweet kid.

I took the dreaded walk up to the meeting room. I literally walked the plank. Caty and I checked everything. Once I finished signing, I was no longer an HTC employee. I handed in my badge and went to say bye to Rudy. I walked down the stairs, took my stuff and walked out the door. Outside I said bye to Julie, Paola, Ale and Jessica.

I left HTC forever, but my heart remains with those that continue to be loyal to me. Thank you for everything you taught me. Gerardo was right. You remember the good things at the end and forget the grudges. All the experiences and the memories are able to erase the blackmail and the rumors.

My love remains with my MCI team: Fabian, Horacio, Fabian A, Julio, Agustin, Carlos Luis, Carlos Martinez, Carmen, Eddie, Eduardo, Ian, Arturo, JB, Juve,Roy, March, Tony, Angie,Pedro, Gary, Ziqui, Hugo, Rosy, Omar, Rodrigo, Ruben, Katia, Marcy, Fabiola, Danny, Otto, Laura, Julio Casas, Ale, Alejandra Campos, Fraire, Karlita ; the Comcast team: Alice, Mike, Mariana, Paola, Rabanito, Fercho, Junkie, Tavares; the AOL team: Ordorica, Gordillo, Garrido, Armando, Fer, Carlos, Magno, Kika, Blanca, Brenda; my Toastmasters crew: Victor, Antonio, Jesus, Roble, Laura; my JLC kids: Julie, Luly,Homero, Genaro; the ones that don't fit into any category: Ale, Ana Lucia, Adriana, Molly, Goretti, Mayer, Tony, Jessica, Patty, Clara, Adriana, Ruben V., Rogelio, Ivonne, Alfredo; to those that left before me and to those that will follow.

Thank you for everything and being a part of my life.


Fercho said...

I'm going to miss you, and i wish that all your dreams come true, and if i can do somethig to help you i'll be there

Marcela BaƱuelos said...

I love you Vviolet and I'mm not going to miss you cause were are going to keep seeing each other. I can assure you that. Everything is for the best. It did not kill you, it will make you stronger.