Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lovely rainy day and the Grim

Today was an interesting day. I woke up late and used my violet contacts. I went out and the day was beautifully cloudy. I got back home and have a yummy meal made by mum.

I decide to go to the corner store to buy some bottled water and gum. While I walk out, I stop cold turkey. A black dog. The Grim. He sniffs me. I simply aknowledge his presence. I walk home and he tags along behind me. Then I lose him. Before I come close to my house he runs ahead of me and stands at my front door. I simply walk in and he disappears.

I started thinking about my love, and it started raining. The cool breeze and the soft thunder make me remember many things about the moments we spent together. Yes I miss him, very much. At least a bit of rain makes me calm down my anxiety.

If I were supertisicous I'd be worried about an upcoming death.

Should I worry?

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