Sunday, September 24, 2006

I miss you

I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday. The first thing that came to my head was your name. I never really thought I could miss someone that bad.

I miss being able to snuggle up next to you and simply stay there as long as I want.
I miss holding you.
I miss opening my eyes and you being the first thing I see.
I miss listening to your voice.
I miss thinking up options of things for us to do.
I miss the way you coax me into doing what you want.
I miss the way you hold me.
I miss the way you would rant about your terrible day and then say its ok now.
I miss kissing you.
I miss the secret looks and smiles.

Most of all, I miss my best friend.

To you I dedicate today's rain.

1 comment:

soultears said...

I know what missing that special friend means... I miss his as bad as you do. I wish that the first person I saw everymorining was him, but he is with someone else that loves him as much as I do. My heart still lingers around wating for his return. I will fight for him as everybody says if he's mine he will come back. You miss your best friend; I simply miss my soulmate. I dedicate the sunshine to him.

I love you girl very much, thank you for being their in the right moment. I miss you little brat.