Monday, August 14, 2006


Dreams last for so long
even after you're gone
I know you love me
And soon you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you.
Jewel - You were meant for me

I can finally mope, vent and cry. It was a very hard weekend, trying to fake that I was happy and having a good time. I am slightly devastated. I could try and blame it on PMS, but then again PMS doesn't make me feel a deep emptiness in my chest.

I simply can't explain what is going through my mind right now. A part of me says, time is what he needs. Another part of me says, he simply doesn't know what he has in front of him. I'd like to think he's waiting for the correct moment.

Can't deny it hurts, but I have to understand the situation isn't easy. It's not like he can wake up one day and everything will be fine. Nothing happened in an eye blink. Yet I still have my huge insecurities.

I hope things turn out for the best. I hope I finally get what I would like. I wish he would make up his mind.

And I secretly wish I would win this time.

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