Thursday, August 10, 2006

Train of Consequences

Set the ball A-Rollin
I'll be clicking off the miles
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life O' style
My thinking is derailed
I'm tied up to the tracks
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back

When I begin something, I always analyze the pros and cons. Usually because I don't like paying high consequences. Sometimes the fun isn't worth the hassle. Sometimes there are few risks and what you gain is worth it.

I face my current consequences with style and philosophy. I get melodramatic and belive in things such as true love. I begin to understand what sacrifices are. I realize that when something is meant to be, there is no way of stopping it.

I know you read me. You know that most of these posts are for you. You know this blog is almost for your personal reading pleasure; because I like the fact that you enjoy reading what I write.

I don't understand your reasons, but I respect them. Most of all because you are my friend and second because of what I feel for you. I want you to be happy; but really happy. You know, to feel that warm and cozy feeling as frequent as possible, to feel complete, to feel understood and supported. That's all I want.

We have come to the point of no return. You have decided for us and I am forced to respect your choice. All I expect from you is honesty. If you love me, say it. If you say it, mean it. If you mean it, have the courage to fight for it.

I don't know what will come next. I know I can't fall out of love with you in a night or two. It might take months or years. Will we still love each other ? I don't know. I hope so. It would be nice to be able to carry out the many plans we made.

I hope you know what you're doing. You have 3 lives in your hands. A very empowering situation. I trust you and you gave me your word that you would come through in time. To me your word is worth gold and a promise you make is a promise you keep. Unless you have been lying to me.

Today, I still love you and it continues to be all that matters.

Only now I must let time work it's magic.

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