Sunday, August 27, 2006

Strange things

Since you are gone, things have been so strange and different. I feel like myself, but with a huge void in my soul. I wake up almost every morning at 3:00 AM, without any apparent reason. I have this piercing pain in my chest that simply doesn't let me be. The last couple of days my migranes have become more intense.

Perhaps it's because I miss you so much. It could possibly mean that every inch of my is crying for your touch and your presence. I may be suffering from withdrawl. You are like a strong narcotic for me.

This Friday, I was talking to someone and suddenly she simply states "You're X's sister, right?". I smiled and said no, that I'm simply your best friend. Funny, I answer your best friend and I want to scream "he's the love of my life".

I miss you, more than words can say. I just want to see you.

Just hold you once more.

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