Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Holding you close

I am a very huggy person. I must admit. It's my biggest weakness. I love cuddling. I love hugging. Ironically though, I can't sleep holding someone.

Almost a month ago, we were at my darling's house. He was very tired. I gave him a couple of reasons to be tired. He took a nap after a foot rub. Something I don't do actually, but for him, the world. So he simply laid back and closed his eyes. I snuggled close to him.

I must have dozed off. I woke up startled. Mainly because I didn't know what time it was and I had to get home. Then I realized something. I had my right arm under his neck and my left arm around his chest. I was actually asleep hugging him.

It felt great. Almost like if it was something I had done all my life. I guess he felt special when I confessed.

He should, he's the only guy I've been able to hug asleep.

I wish I could hold you every single day for the rest of our lives.

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