Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rain on love and being sane

I guess I'm not the favorite personality. I'm romantic. I'm sweet. I have high hopes. I like to believe in people.

I admit, I have suffered in the past for loving the wrong person. I'm the one that ends up curled up in a room, crying until there is no tomorrow, feeling empty and full of pain. It's usually me there tugging an old picture full of memories not wanting to let go. The one that gets made fun of for falling in love.

Yet now I see Storm and Amethyst go through a broken heart and I finally understand what pisses them off. I have never in my lifetime seen Storm cry nor Amethyst throw herself onto the bed looking into the emptiness.

I understand them. I am the one that usually goes through this. Its strange being the strong one now. The one that has to pull the other two up.

Now I have to prove my strength, wherever it may be.

Please come back, they need you guys.

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