Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blonde to Blue

I think my biggest rejection in life had been to blondes. Hate to admit it, but I know my genetic pool has a 50% blonde posibility. Bless my mother and her brunette genes.

I've dyed my hair in two different shades all my life: red and black. I've always wanted blue highlights. My mother would never approve.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally convinced my mother to let my get the higlights I've always wanted. "It's your money and your hair".

Yesterday, my kid sister Wilde took me to the salon she goes to. After 4 hours of bleaching my color processed hair and touching up the black roots, I was ready for the blue paint.

My roots were the first ones to adopt the beautiful sapphire blue tone. The ends were a bit hasty, all those years of coloring my hair were doing their magic.

I went back today to get the job completed. The bleaching cream was added and my hair was covered in foil. I felt like a turkey before Thanksgiving dinner. I was there, in the sun letting this cream decolor my lovely hair.

Once my hair took a golden hue it was rinsed and then, the liquid berry was added to my hair. Two consecutive applications of blue dye made my hair look the perfect compliment for my blue contacts and my sapphire ring.

A couple of minutes later it was straightened. The girls from the salon sold me the remaining of the blue dye so I can do at home touch ups. I will eventually need the first one next week.

I look like the teenage version of myself. I have the hair and recovering the body. I feel the energy and have the vibe.

I'm also in love like a teenager, but that's a different story.

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