Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No pain, No gain

Every achievement involves effort and sacrifice. No pain, no gain is a common motivational punchline used by many trainers.

Ironically, one of the most painful things I've seen and experienced is a beauty regime. Starting with strange looking turbans to straighten wavy hair, undergoing stinky perms and relaxing chemicals, removing body hair with hot wax, amoung other strange rituals. This excludes strict diets and time invested in the gym.

I consider myself one of the few that doesn't do all those things. I've learned to live with my wavy, bushy Hermione Granger hair. I seldom straighten it with a flat iron, only for special events or when I'm feeling flirty. What I can't do without are my colored contacts or my blue black dye for my hair.
Six months ago I began using a corset to help improve my posture and my S shaped back, As I've been losing weight, I've gotten the corset adgusted. It always gets reduced 3 or 4 cms from my real measurements. This helps my back to be straight and keeps my tummy tucked.

During my usual adjustment, one of the girls that does the fixing wanted a Starbucks coffee. I told them there was a new one closer to where we were. Since I didn't know exactly were, I got threatened that I'd get a bigger adjustment because I didn't have comple info.

The moment we were going to zip the corset up, we couldn't. I almost thought they were going to have to losen it up a bit. The other girl was called in. It was three against the corset. As we began closing the corset, the both were telling me how pretty I was going to look. Assuring me that all the sacrifice was worth it.

Suddenly, the motivational comment "You're gonna look like Barbie" is misinterpreted and transformed into "You're gonna look like Barney". The three of us laughed our ass off and finished zipping the corset.

Something as simple as breathing hurts.Yet looking at my reflexion in the mirror reminds me that every single adjustment is worth it.

I don't need intensive torment. The 45 pounds I've lost arethanks to every single adjustment I've had.

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soultears said...

true..... the only thing you want to remember is that everything we do we NEED to do it for ourselves and no other person.... the reflection in the mirror is just that person that we want to be... don't forget... that she is the most valuable and tresure thing in the world.... The person in the mirror is just an angel that is learning how to fly... since she forgot how to with all the ups and downs of life... Keep the hard work... I'm also getting there.... COFFEE??????? ASAP!!!!! Love ya hun...