Sunday, October 22, 2006

Putting our pieces together

This week, Morris and I lost Shy. I shared 16 years of my life with her, Morris was part of the last 10. Shy was the sugar topping on our daily activities. She would let me know when Morris wanted to come back into the house. She would also pick up Morris before bedtime.

I lost a baby and Morris lost her sister. We both have been a bit glum lately. Morris has been sleeping much more than before. She has also been looking for me much more than in past months. She has never liked to be alone.

I on the other hand, resent the house's newly aquiered silence. It's strange to see her food and not have anyone to give it to. Or to see that Morris doesn't finish off her tuna, and then it spoils; because Shy would always come and finish those things off.

It's a different start for us. We were used to being three and now we are two. I am aware that if I leave, I will need to take her with me. I fear that if I'm gone, sadness will consume her.

Time to start rebuilding the shattered hearts.

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