Saturday, October 07, 2006

Body and Soul . . . I'm a freak

Yeah, i'm a freak of nature
Yeah, i'm a freak

If only I could be as cool as you
As cool as you

Body and soul I'm a freak
I'm a freak body and soul
I'm a freak

I am completely aware that I'm not your average girl. I dress in black. Have weird taste in music. Dress in funky combinations anbd outfits. Wear colored contact lenses. Dye my hair black, when my natural tone is dark red.. Now I have blue highlights.

Today I went to get my eyes checked and ordered my glasses. I have astigmatism. I really want them for reading. It was the first time I went out with Lex after a while.

As soon as we get off from the cab. I start noticing people staring at me. Of course I thought I was being paranoid. I got the same look at the optical. I'm used to this so I simply ignored it.

We went along. We bought a couple of things. Got ice cream at Micky D's. That's when I got upset. More than 15 people had stared at me and my hair. I thought Lex hadn't noticed, then she told me that if I were on a leash, she would have started charging everyone to look at me.

Before we made it to her house, we took the midget for a check up. Even the stupid nurses were staring. I would have charged her double.

We got to her house. Fortunately her mother in law didn't notice. Her husband simply said "nice hair". That's a huge compliment coming from him.

I love being strange.

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Fabiola said...

You Look Wonderful Mama!!!

Loving the new look!!! ^_^