Monday, October 30, 2006

I shall call it, mini me

A Sunday like this, but eleven years ago; the most beautiful October moon gave its first reflection. It took the name of Selena Aurora. Like the moon, she had creamy white skin and glisening green-grey eyes.

Sweet and adoable were the first words that would come to your mind when you tried to describe her. A baby that would only cry when hungry or felt lonely.

She was perfection turned into flesh. There was nothing else that a woman could ask for. Perhaps only to spend more time with her.

There was nothing more enchanting than watching her sleep. As she grew, she began to recognize those around her. As soon as the heard the sound of my voice, she would crawl as fast as her little body could take her towards me. She would smile and look up at me, so I could pick her up.

The strong resemblance we have began to become noticable. We would call her my mini me. She calls herself mini me nowadays. Simple things such as food preferences or favorite colors and complicated things like personality traits or certain reactions are things we have in common. To me, its like living my childhood again, to her, its taking a peek into her future. It's a huge responsability to be her role model. I have to strive for perfection, because she thinks I'm perfect.

We are so similar that it's hard to stay happy for a moment. There were times when we would be at each other's throats. We've both grown up a bit, and enjoy every moment we get to spend together. Whether it be over the phone or physical.

As her birthdays and Christmases came and went, her Winnie the Pooh collection began to grow. I try to get her neat presents, but I'm very careful about not spoiling her.

One thing she has said. She wants to be my only baby. Jealous and possessive. Just like me. I don't know if I can keep that desire she has, because I'm anxious about having my twins. What I can do, is be with her along the way. Support her in everything she does. Grant almost every wish she has. Love her, no matter what she does.

I love you sweetie, from day one and forever.

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