Sunday, October 22, 2006

MKT Simposium

Since I began my advertising minor, I began to hunt for and learn about different marketing and advertising trends. One of the best marketing forums in the city happens once a year at the Marketing Simposium at the ITESM.

Throught the past years I've been able to listen to on a first hand basis to the best in marketing, such as Marc Gobe and Laura Ries; and MarComm managers from companies such as Absolut, Disney, Interbrand, Sony, Eurocopter, Xbox and MTV. Nothing compares to getting first dibs of a segmentation analisis for a new product or to have the consecuences of a campaign explained to you.

This year, I went alone. It was a very enriching expierence. Even though I didn't go to all of the parties, I did meet some interesting people. I also learned that my dream master does exist. The only drawback, its at Guadalajara.

It's the perfect master: Master in Advertising and Corporate Communication. I even love the way it sounds. I've decided that if I don't find a job soon, I might begin to check everything to prepare for a 2 year move out of town.

Mom already warned me that Morris would have to come along with me. Don't know what will happen. I need to write to the UAG and check what I have to do. I am in the perfect situation. I don't have a job that binds me to Monterrey. I don't have a steady boyfriend that might cry a river for me. Even though I wish I did. I only have my parents and friends.

I hope I can think with a cold mind.

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