Sunday, October 15, 2006

Transformation Status: Complete

It's until this moment that I'm looking at this picture that I've realized.
I use black to highlight blue.

This is the woman I am. I am 26 years old. Smart and talented. Confident and determined. It's been a painful transformation. Lossing 45 pounds in less than a year and changing 4 different dress sizes is very exhausting. The sacrifice is huge. The last pizza I ate was last June.

Sure, I've misbehaved during my diet and drank chocolate milk or had a slice of apple pie. The next day I have to make up for that.

I still have to go shopping for new clothes. As of now, I am very pleased with who I have become. I've regained my vanity and my appeal to the opposite sex.

I love being me.
And I hope you love the girl I've become.

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