Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Long live King Krak

Kraken Pot Hashish

January 30,2006 - October 11,2006

In late January, 4 people (Arturo,Brenda,Ian and I) went on a petstore mission. The objective: to find a betta fish that would be a worthy heir for the title HTC's most beautiful fish that Cleo once had. We went to + cota and no fish was of my liking.

I imagine that Arturo sensed my sorrow for Cleo's loss that he accepted to go to Plaza Fiesta to seek another petstore. Arriving at the store, all we begin to look. Ian and Arturo chose the heir. I bought a castle. How could a king rule his kingdom without a castle! No one would take him seriously.

Once the full freedom quota was paid, we took the prince to his new realm. A name, what name would be good?. Easy to learn, but with a strong meaning. After thinking a while, Arturo suggested Kraken. Name of a mythological beast, a gigantic squid that could sink large embarkations. Ian quickly deformed the name and turned it into Krak. Little after Pot Hashish was added.

He did not delay in learning its name, nor in recognizing the cry of "who is the most beautiful fish in HTC". Krak listened all my conversations. Listened me to fight with my best friend by phone or in person, make strang designs or simply hang out with Arturo, write articules for the Tribune and fight with vendors. He saw me to suffer the departure of my mentor/boss and of my best friend, the enormous fights with my supervisor and of my complots/confessions with JB.

Extremely hyperactive, Krak took advantage of the space he had at home. He concentrated on a possible strategy to invade his own castle. Observed to Muffin, Cleo's widow , with great contempt and flirted with a postcard that had 3 fairies. He did not like pictures.

In summer, when the trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest appeared I promised I could take him to watch the film and see the beast where his name was taken, instead we played the trailer in my computer.

Unlike Cleo, Krak was almost exclusively an office fish. He met his family (my family) during a long weekend we took. We returned to work again and everything was like always. When we left HTC, Krak left in his HTC contanier.

At home, I placed in the kitchen; next to Leach. Always more active thant his cousin, but more reserved. Used to his solitude and his castle. During the mornings it became a routine for the three of us to watch TV and prepare breakfast as well as lunch.

Today, during our routine, It all seemed well. We had breakfast, while prepared the lunch I did my usual displays of affection (how can you hold or pet a fish), I left to talk with Lex over the phone. When I returned, I went towards the fishbowls. I called his name. I couldn't see him. I moved his bowl. Something moved. It was his small lifeless body.
The king is dead. Long live the king.

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