Monday, October 02, 2006

So, I lied

I had a party Saturday night. Nothing too complicated. A get together to celebrated a belated promotion. I wore my Durmstrang t-shirt and some jeans.

The moment I got there, my bottle of Boone's was placed in my hand. We started talking and remembering the old days. Suddenly secrets began to be shared. The compliments about my notorious weight loss were made. The changes in my personal appearance such as the contact lenses and straight hair were noticed.

Mainly, because these were people that hadn't seen me in aproximately four months. X, a friend that unfortunately got fired back in April/May was making the compliments and asking questions. Suddenly,the inevitable question arose.

X: So, are you dating someone?
V: No, but there's someone known as the "imperfect".
X: And who might this "imperfect" be?
V: None of your business. All you need to know is that he isn't perfect.

The conversation continued. We focused on talking about our professional lives or what remains of them. Clearing up old rumors and gossip.

X: So, is J (the imperfect's real name) the imperfect?

I remain silent and turn to see a friend that knows my secret. I choke on my drink and threaten X with the bottle.

V: Of course he's imperfect. He can't be perfect because he never asked me out.

I changed the subject, but I got extremely nervous. A couple of minutes later I left the party. Before I left, X asked again to know the imperfect's real identity. I said that one day he would know.

It makes me wonder. Were there really feelings and attraction involved long before we decided to admit it? Were we acting dumb? Were we pretending to be mature and see beyond attraction? Was this simply meant to be?

I wish it is.

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